Keeping the Peace-Talk at Open Space

5 May 2011
Moolgaonkar Hall, 'A' Wing, ICC Towers, Pune

The Centre for Communication and Development Studies presents “The Practice of Poetry- Making Peace Possible”, a presentation on poetry as an agent of social change by Shabnam Virmani. This is the latest in a series of talks that are being curated under their Keeping the Peace series.

The talk will be held at Moolgaonkar hall (MCCIA), ‘A’ Wing, ICC Towers, Off Senapati Bapat Road, Near Chaturshrungi, Pune.

5th May6pm-8pmMoolgaonkar hall (MCCIA), PunePresentation by Shabnam Virmani

The communal violence that convulsed Gujarat in 2002 led filmmaker Shabnam Virmani to set off on a series of journeys uncovering diverse meanings and resonances of the 15th century mystic poet Kabir in our contemporary worlds. Today these journeys continue into diverse spaces in Indian society touched by mystic poetry and song. Shabnam will share through songs, video clips and conversations her reflections on poems as agents of social change, the capacity of music and poetry to alter our identities, the importance of unearthing and highlighting multiplicities in cultural traditions and upsetting linear narratives of history, the sacred, the secular and watertight notions of self and the world.

Keeping the Peace is a lecture series in continuation of Open Space’s efforts to encourage discussion and dialogue on issues that are dividing and polarising society and public opinion.

Centre for Communication and Development Studies (CCDS)

CCDS is a social change resource centre working to strengthen civil society and citizens’ action for social justice, human rights, sustainable development and accountable governance. CCDS’s strength is the innovative use of media and communication to empower civil society with information, analysis, diverse perspectives and alternative messages on issues of social justice. Open Space is the youth and civil society outreach initiative of CCDS, which is visualised as a place where young people particularly could unpack their differences and learn to see themselves and the world around them through different lenses. It is a space where youth can understand how differences are manipulated into conflict. Open Space adopts a cultural approach to much of its outreach work using various forms of communication – literature, cinema, theatre, music, publications and Internet – to reach out to citizens. Open Space also uses different outreach strategies and processes such as workshops, public lectures, seminars, trainings and festivals. It has been a lively and vibrant public forum for the last six years in Pune.

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