Rajasthan Kabir Yatra- 2012

23 Feb 2012 - 29 Feb 2012
Event Type: 
Travelling Festival
Bikaner, Rajasthan
Sinthal, Near Napasar, Rajasthan
Momasar. Rajasthan
Pugal, Rajasthan
Diyatara, Rajasthan
Shereran, Rajasthan
23 Feb7pm-9pmMomasarKabir Film screening
23 Feb9pm-2pmMomasarConcerts
24 Feb7pm-9pmShereranKabir Film screening
24 Feb9pm-2pmShereranConcerts
25 Feb7pm-9pmSinthal, Near NapasarKabir Film screening
25 Feb9pm-2pmSinthal, Near NapasarConcerts
26 FebAll dayBikanerLive art installation by Ramta Drg and Gulam Mohammed Sheikh
27 Feb7pm-9pmPugalKabir Film screening
27 Feb9pm-2pmPugalConcerts
28 Feb7pm-9pmDiyataraKabir Film screening
28 Feb9pm-2pmDiyataraConcerts
29 Feb5pm-9pmBikanerTalk by Ashok Vajpeyi followed by Concerts

The Rajasthan Kabir Yatra
is a travelling festival celebrating the spirit of mystic poem and song. It will journey from Feb 23-29, 2012 to 5 villages and the city of Bikaner.

It takes inspiration from the success of two Malwa Kabir Yatras held in 2010 and 2011 in Madhya Pradesh.

These Yatras are a critical celebration of the spirit of Kabir and other mystic voices through film screenings and live music concerts bringing together mass rural audiences together with folk singers, scholars, activists, artists and students from urban India.

The yatra is being organized by Gopal Singh Chouhan of the Bikaner-based NGO Lokayan and supported by the Kabir Project in Bangalore.

Program Schedule

Daily Music Concerts by Folk Singers from
Mahesha Ram, Mukhtiyar Ali, Mir Jabaar Khan and Party, Bhanwari Devi, Gavra Devi, Jamali Bai, Mira Bai & Shivji Suthar
Prahlad Tipanya & Kaluram Bamaniya
Mooralala Marwada
Parvathy Baul
Bindhu Malini and Vedanth
Shabnam Virmani

Daily Film Screenings
Had Anhad
Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein
Chalo Hamara Des
Koi Sunta Hai
(Directed by Shabnam Virmani)

Interactions with Visual Artists – Feb 26th
Live Art installation by “Ramta Drig”, collective of artists from Jaipur
Presentation by Gulammohammed Sheikh, artist from Baroda
Exhibition by Mahaveer Swami, artist from Bikaner

Talk by Shri Ashok Vajpeyi followed by Finale Concerts– Feb 29th

Journey Schedule
Feb 23rd - Sinthal near Napasar (30 mins from Bikaner)
Feb 24th - Shereran (1 hr from Bikaner)
Feb 25th - Momasar (1 hr from Shereran)
Feb 26th - Bikaner city (Rest Day & interactions with Visual Artists)
Feb 27th - Pugal (1 ½ hours from Bikaner)
Feb 28th – Diyatara (2 hours from Pugal)
Feb 29th – Bikaner city (Closing ceremony)

The organizing team will take care of very basic stay and food arrangements and hire buses to ferry the urban Yatris from village to village during the Yatra. We can make arrangements for a maximum of 100 Yatris on a first-come first-serve basis.

Kindly register at kabiryatra@gmail.com with your name, cel/email contact, dates of joining the Yatra and where you’re coming from.

We request you to make an advance contribution of Rs.400/- per day towards your Yatra expenses. Advance contributions are payable by:
1.Sending a cheque/dd in favour of “Srishti” (address available on www.kabirproject.org), or,
2.Direct bank transfer (with intimation of your transfer to the above email) to
SB a/c 1812101014404,
Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology,
Canara Bank,
Yelahanka Satellite Town Branch,
Bangalore 560 064

ISFC / RTGS / NEFT Code: CNRB0001812.

Please remember that this amount is not by way of a “ticket” to this Yatra, but more a contribution in the spirit of making this event self-sustaining. Those who cannot afford this amount are also welcome to participate, and those who can donate larger amounts are welcome too! Yatris organizing their own travel can contribute a smaller amount towards food/stay and other expenses.

For Inquires & Updates:
Gopal Singh – Cel: 0-99285-22992

Arrival and Departure:
Bikaner city is your arrival and departure point no matter which day you join the Yatra. Closest airport is Jaipur city.

Train junctions are Bikaner or Lalgarh (for those coming from Delhi, Haridwar, Punjab, Kanpur, Hawra, Hyderabad, Mumbai or Ahmedabad) or Jaipur railway junction (for those coming from Ujjain, Indore, Bhopal, Bangalore or Chennai) http://indiarailinfo.com

Take a 6-hour bus or train journey from Jaipur to Bikaner. Frequent luxury buses are available near the Sindhi Camp Bus Depot (10 Minutes from Railway Station and 30 Minutes from Airport) at Jaipur. Plan your train departure from Bikaner on Feb 29th night or flight departure from Jaipur on March 1st.