Vasundhara Ni Vaani (Gujarat Kabir Yatra)

28 Dec 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
Event Type: 
Kabir Yatra
4 Villages of Panchaal area, Gujarat

Vasundhara Ni Vaani (Voices of the Earth) is organised by the renowned Gujarati writer Dhruv Bhatt and hosted by the village communities of Dhedhuki, Tramboda, Roopavati and Noli villages of the Panchaal area, close to Chotila town in Gujarat. Visitor’s registration will start from Nov 2, 2019. Visiting yatris will stay with the residents of villages with whatever facility they have. Visitor’s are welcome to come without registration too, and organise their own hotel stay around Chotila highway. Those who would like to join the event or need more information may call Dhruv Dada at 94263-31058.

28 Dec9pm onwardsDhedhuki VillageMahesha Ram & Troupe from Jaisalmer / Shabnam Virmani & Srishti Students from Bangalore / Local Mandlis
29 Dec10am-12pmTramboda VillageSatsang with Kaluram Bamaniya & Shabnam Virmani & Srishti students
29 Dec9pm onwardsTramboda VillageKaluram Bamaniya & Troupe from Malwa / Shabnam Virmani & Srishti students from Bangalore
30 Dec 10am-12pm Roopavati Village Satsang with Kaluram Bamaniya
30 Dec 9pm onwards Roopavati Village Omprakash Naik & Troupe from Bikaner / Shabnam Virmani & Srishti students from Bangalore
31 Dec 10am - 12pm Noli Village Satsang with Omprakash Naik, Lakhandas Baul & Shabnam Virmani
31 Dec 9pm onwards Noli Village Lakhandas Baul & Students of Srishti