On watching Had-Anhad

A weaver from Kutch wrote to Shabnam, expressing his journey with these films.

On the 30th of December 2007, in the Abhiyan Office Campus in Bhuj, quite suddenly without much forewarning, I came with Chaman Bhai (another weaver from Bhujodi) to watch the documentary film - Had Anhad. At that point, I had no particular attachment to or knowledge of Kabir. To tell the truth, I actually had some contempt for Kabir. My spiritual understanding was quite poor. My mind was was drawn to every god, every idol and every temple. But I couldnt find stillness anywhere. But when the “wound” of “Had Anhad” struck me, a new seed of spirituality was sown inside me. After that there was a lot of churning and thinking within me, which grew more and more powerful, and my narrow-minded ideas began to melt. Instead of only in temples and mosques I began to see God in everthing. There is a Gujarati bhajan -

Oh my friend, I found my true guru within!
In this earthen vessel, I found Govind
In this earthen vessel, I found Sahib!

I work on handloom and weave carpets. While working on handloom, I feel my life itself is like the “woven cloth, fine so fine! Woven with the flavour of Ram’s name, this cloth, fine, so fine!”. It’s an experience that is perhaps difficult to express through words. Yes, maybe one could share it with a co-traveller, someone who has this insight. I feel like I now know what is meant by “You only You!”, I have caught the sign. All bogus rites, rituals, blind faiths and superstitions are shedding themselves. Now it’s only -

My lord gave me such an intoxicating drink!
A redness descends in my eyes!

The redness of my Beloved is such,
wherever I look I see red!

Wherever I search, I find!

I have found an extraordinary peace. In the limitless universe, and within my body, I have seen Him only. In myself I have found Shiv and Shakti. I have seen my Kul Devi not in any temple, but in my mother, sister, daughter and in my wife.

Narayan M. Siju
Village Bhujodi, Taluka Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat

1 Jun 2011
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