Ajab Shahar (Kabir In America)

1 DVD + 1 Book

Language: Malwi & Hindi with English Subtitles

Duration: Part 1 – 60 min & Part 2 – 60 min

Book: 52-page bi-lingual book of 12 songs/poems in Malwi dialect with English translations and annotations.

In 2003, a 15th century mystic poet from north India came alive in the unlikely context of north America, in a performance tour of the Malwi folk singer Prahlad Tipanya organized by the scholar Dr. Linda Hess in 2003. In this DVD live performances of 12 folk songs of Kabir are interwoven with glimpses of this unusual journey, in which rural Indian singers encounter a strange country – a land as ajab as the self Kabir urges us to investigate.