Malwa Percussion Workshop with Parbat Jogi

2 Dec 2010 - 4 Dec 2010
Tonk Khurd, Dewas
Sardarpur/Rajgarh, Malwa

There is a three day percussion and rhythm workshop happening in Malwa with Parbat Jogi as part of the Malwa Field Support initiative. There will also be a concert by Shabnam Virmani on the 4th of Dec at Sardarpur/Rajgarh in Malwa.

2-4th DecAll DayToonkhurdWorkshop with Parbat Jogi
4th Dec7pm onwardsSardarpur/RajgarhConcert by Shabnam Virmani

As a part of the field support programme in Malwa, a percussion and rhythm learning workshop has been organised in Malwa. Parbat Jogi, a wonderfully talented and superb dholak player from Kutch has been asked to head this workshop. This workshop has been organised by the Malwa community after they fell in love with Parbat Jogi’s playing during the Malwa Kabir Yatra that happened earlier this year.

This workshop is the first in a series that will be hosted as part of the Kabir Project’s field support programme. The initiative is meant to provide support to folk singers and oral traditions of the region at the village level in partnership with the local community. This workshop has been initiated and hosted by Kaluram Bamaniya, Ajay Tipanya and Narayan Delmia and the field support programme is being partnered by the NGO Eklavya.