Understanding and Singing Kabir

24 Oct 2012 - 28 Oct 2012
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A Residential Workshop at Lunyakhedi, Madhya Pradesh
Lunyakhedi Village, Maksi, Madhya Pradesh

Travel to Lunyakhedi, Prahlad Tipanya’s village near Maksi in Madhya Pradesh, to be part of a 5-day residential workshop that offers a chance to understand the poetry and philosophy of Kabir through the music of Malwa. Prahladji, who is among the foremost singers of Kabir in Malwa, will conduct the workshop along with members of his troupe.

Participants will get a chance to experience life in a village where folk music is an intrinsic part of daily living. Join us to sing amidst the fields, ride on a tractor, draw water at a well, spend quiet time with Prahladji or strum the tambur and feel your heart quieten.

Over five days, participants will get a chance to dwell deeply on Kabir’s words through talks, interactive discussions and films that highlight their relevance in current times. Singing Kabir will be an important part of this workshop and songs based on themes and ideas such as identity, guru, nirgun and impermanence will be discussed and then sung in the Malwa style of folk music. Participants will get a chance to try their hand at playing instruments such as the tambur, dholak , khadtal or manjira which are common accompaniments to the music of this region.
Kabir’s words percolate straight to the heart when they are sung with understanding and we hope to learn at least 10 songs.

The workshop is open to a maximum of 15 participants. Prior training in music is not required.

COST: The cost of the workshop is Rs. 7000/- per person (including accommodation and all meals ). It does not include transportation to and from Lunyakhedi, or any other expenses of a personal nature. Students can avail a 50% discount. Those interested can register by paying Rs.2000 (non-refundable) to:

Sadguru Kabir Smarak Seva Samiti
A/c No. 53040383344
State bank of India, KANASIA Branch

Please scan and e-mail the deposit slip counterfoil to prititurkahia22@gmail.com.

Email prititurkahia22@gmail.com or call 9619881102 for further details.