Koi Sunta Hai

Someone Is Listening
Journeys with Kumar and Kabir

A film by Shabnam Virmani
Language: Hindi, Malwi & English with English Subtitles
Hindi Version Available

Hindi version available

In the Hindi version of this film, all featured songs have Hindi text subtitles, the filmmaker’s narration is in a Hindi voice and all English interviews are dubbed into Hindi. This version has been priced at a lower rate to make it accessible to small town and village audiences.

Duration: 96 min

Interweaving the folk music traditions of the mystic poet Kabir with the life and music of the late classical singer Kumar Gandharva, this film searches for that elusive sound, that jhini si awaaz, Kabir urges us to hear. Where does it resonate, that subtle sound? Journeying between folk and classical, oral and written, rural and urban expressions of this 15th century mystic poet of north India, the film finds moments of both continuity and rupture between these disparate worlds.



  • One Billion Eyes Documentary Film Festival, Aug 2008 (Chennai, India)
  • World Performing Arts Festival, Nov 2008 (Lahore, Pakistan)
  • VIBGYOR International Film Festival, Feb 2009 (Thrissur, Kerala, India)
  • Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (as Juror’s work), Nov 2009
  • Dhaka International Documentary Festival, January 2010
  • 3rd Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, June 2010
  • Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Oct 2010


  • Camera, Location Sound & Direction: Shabnam Virmani
  • Script & Editing: Shabnam Virmani & Rikhav Desai
  • Research & Concept: Shabnam Virmani & Tara Kini
  • Motion Graphics: M M Pradeep
  • Direction & Production Support: Rumah Rasaque & Smriti Chanchani
  • Songs sung by: Kumar Gandharva, Kashi Ba, Shubha Mudgal, Vidya Rao, Prateeksha Sharma, Prahlad Tipanya, Madhup Mudgal, Vijay Sardeshmukh and others
  • Sound Mixing: Fireflys Post Sound, Mumbai
  • Advisors: Linda Hess, Ashok Vajpeyi, Vidya Rao, Purushottam Aggrawal, Tara Kini
  • Financial Support: Ford Foundation, New Delhi
  • Produced by: Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore